Computer survey

A survey of the computers in my house, for your amusement:

1) P4, 512M RAM, 120G disk, win2k/RH 7.3, ‘main dev machine’
2) Celeron 433, 64M RAM, 8G disk, NT 4.0, ‘NT test machine’
3) Celeron 433, 64M RAM, 8G disk, Win98, not mine.. P.’s machine
4) P-III, 192M RAM, 132G RAID-5, RH 6.1, file server
5) Celeron 433, 128M RAM, 2x20G disk, RH 6.2, firewall/web server
6) P-III laptop, 128M RAM, RH6.2/Win98, my typical travelling machine
7) G3 laptop, 128M RAM, OS 9, mac testing machine
8) K6-733, 40G disk, 128M RAM, Win98, 36″ SVGA display – TV replacement
9) 2xP-III, 128G RAID, 256M RAM, win2k, ‘music machine’
10) P-I, 64M RAM, win98, touchscreen/AVR programming station
11) p-I, 32M RAM, laptop, rh 6.2, car software dev and whatnot
12) Amiga 2k, 12M RAM, nostalgia purposes
13) Amiga 4k, 32M RAM, nostalgia purposes
14) P-III, 128M RAM, win98, game machine
15) Sparc 5, not currently in service
16) DEC Alpha LX164, not currently in service
17) DEC Multias, 2, not currently in service

This is getting a touch excessive. Even I have to admit that. 17 (!) computers, 15 of which have ethernet jacks.

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  1. jcurious Says:

    whee.. did a computer surveyish … fun fun fun

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