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I was once a part of a recording project to record the band Wheels of Autumn. It was a classic PC-recording gig, using a Echo Layla and a ADAT deck – 8 channels from the Layla’s internal a/d, 8 more via ADAT using the ADAT deck as a A/D. It had whatever mics I could afford, a Alesis Studio 32 as mic pre’s, and in general was done about as ‘wrong’, from a recording-pro standpoint, as you could possibly do. I used Cakewalk 9 to actually record it. 😉

That said, I went out on the net and tried to find the band that I recorded so I could listen to some of their stuff recorded ‘right’, and completely failed to do so. So, here is my recording. No money changed hands – I just showed up at a jam session one weekend and recorded it. If any of them show up and ask me to take it down, I will, but it seems unlikely at this late date.

They were good enough that the track still shines through all the things I did wrong in recording and mixdown. Somewhere I still have the masters on disk, although assembling a computer that would know how to open a cakewalk 9 project file might be tricky, and I have at least three mixing jobs in my intake hopper that I haven’t done yet.. (sorry, Mike!) so it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

Wheels is very similar to Phish and the Dead

That said, the tracks are at

Here are the lyrics for ‘Headlights’:

Sunshine watched the summer end
with just a taste of snow
so it was a far off chance..
changes, they come and go..

she watched the bluebells (?)
fell to the ground to hide
the next generation would never know
of the knot that had been tied


Shine on, let the sun shine in, shine on
Shine on, feel the warmth within, shine on
Shine on, freedom to this land
’cause the children of the sun are gonna take a stand
Shine on..

Darkness filled the city’s heart
the people watched the moon
it came and went as hours spent
aging in the room

And of all the poeple who’ve been set free
from the darkness to the light
remembering sunrise and sunset
and the ying yang, black and white


[approximately 12 minutes of jam]

The was a child who came to town
with just a pencil in his hand
he drew the sun shining through the tress
he loved the sagebrush land

He showed it to the moon that night
and hung it inside of his room
the next day sunrise gave off first light
he said ‘Sister, shine on through’



Good luck figuring out what their lyrics mean, but the song is wonderfully upbeat… 😉

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