One thing that makes me a little sad, though..

All the tracks that are getting all the downloads were not major production numbers.. the best of them were recorded in a few hours, the worst of them were just captures of jam sessions. The Mischief Committee album, which had hundreds of hours of work put into it.. the most downloaded track on it got 30 downloads last month.

Please, if you haven’t listened to it yet, download the Mischief Committee album.

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  1. curious Says:

    How to get more people to listen to your music:
    -easiest way: youtube video… seriously do something people seem to like… put stuff in the video and words in your title/description/tag of things people youtube for and put your music in there and credit it – link it:
    candidate names (ron paul gets lots of hits… though mix it up.. like “Ron Paul vs. Obama – FIGHT!”
    scientology is a hot topic now
    Ohhh so are the grammys!
    So something like “Stop action music video ignored by the Grammies featuring animated versions of Ron Paul and Kucinich with Obama cameo! Parody of Scientology’s Xenu story!”

  2. Kayti Says:

    Diabolical, and would likely work. Nice indeed.

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