hey now, you’re a rock star..

As I recall, at some point about this time a few years ago I was convinced that earth was a radio star – after all, we do emit a buncha electromagnetic radiation.

Come to think of it, I may still think that 😉 But, anyway, I also had some explanation for why all humans were rock stars, which I don’t remember at all. That’s *not* what I mean here.

Also, in all fairness, if one had a sense of proportion about the numbers I’m about to recite, one would admit that they don’t even stand up to the coffeehouse circuit, much less make me Bono.

However, a track I did with the lovely and talanted Esen had 811 downloads last month. I have more than ten tracks on my web site that received more than 100 downloads each in December, and more than five that received more than 200 downloads. Mischief Committee has several jam sessions which received more than 100 downloads. And, the trend in my web traffic has consistantly been upwards the entire time I’ve been maintaining sheer.us.

To me, these are rock star numbers. This is a larger audience than I ever dreamed of reaching.. it inspires me to want to write and release more tracks, to say the very least.

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