So I am apparently stuck in the hospital, at least for the moment. I don’t know how long I’m going to be here, or how long it is wise to be here. They are apparently trying to ajust me to be.. something. I’m not very clear on what that something is – I have been noticing some things that really scare me about the Omniverse though.. [there’s nothing more shocking than discovering firsthand that yours isn’t the only Universe – though it should hardly be a suprise, given the complexity and increasing size of creation]

I’m not very clear at all on how i got here.. I remember several different ways that I could ahve gotten here, all of which seem equally probable.. or equally improbable. Popular consensus seems to be that I got ‘the far look’ – i.e. I wasn’t responding to anything, wasn’t thinking of anything, wasn’t talking to people, or, when I was, wasn’t talking rationally.

I’m hoping that I can walk down to street level and return to my house sometime very soon, and I’m hoping that everything will be there. But I really can’t say with any certainty whether that will be the case or not.. or what will happen. I’m sure that something will work out.

*hugs* I love you all, and I hope that you’ll keep in touch as I work through what happened to me. There were a myriad of worldline possibilities, and some of them hurt rather a lot.

I’m going to sleep now.

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  1. kayti23 Says:

    I think where you are is a good place for you to be right now, that it’s good for us, you and me, that you’re there, and that it’s good that you take the time to get everything you can out of the experience.

    I think when it’s time for you to leave, either the doctors will tell you or else your family and friends will tell you. I think you’re safe where you are, and your things are safe where they are and your life will still be there when you’ve had time to finish with the experience you’re now in. I guarantee you that I will be there while you’re in and when you get out. Your friends will, too, and your family, all the people who love you. I love you so much, Sheer. I hope you’re sleeping well.

  2. brassratgirl Says:

    Perhaps, also, you will only be ready to leave when you understand and remember why and how you got to the point of having to go to the hospital. Otherwise, how are you going to prevent it from happening again?

    Kayti is right. We do all care about you quite a bit.

  3. dspisak Says:

    What happened?

    Call me. I dont care what hour or day it is.


    It is your moral imperative….otherwise I am just going to think of that great quote of Socrates “I drank what?”.

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