Nuts? Me?

Well, possibly. Or possibly not. It probably doesn’t matter. I’m me, whatever. And I’m happy with being me, both as Jonathan and as Sheer. We all have aspects, and we all bounce off each other’s aspects in different planes of reality when we choose to – text planes and graphics planes and sound planes and whatever planes we find appropriate.

I’ve had some crazy thoughts about the Omniverse recently – not thoughts that I didn’t enjoy, though. I’ve learned things recently about levels of the truth and levels of lies and why both things are important.. it’s important to create and to edit your creations and to share them with other people and encourage them to share creations with you. Things could be completely nonexistant – or they could be people bouncing on a interference wave that isn’t yours.

There’s nothing quite as difficult as the first discovery.. but you find a new way to discover every time – and when you really really need it the most, rock and roll dreams come true – Meatloaf wasn’t kidding.

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