G’day mate (Greetings from down under)

Well, work has again taken me to exotic locales – this time, I’m in New Zealand, working with a offshore development firm here. These guys are amazing user interface experts – it’s really fun working with people who actually know more than I do, so much to learn.. 😉

Other than that, NZ is nice.. the 12 hour flight was made bearable by really good sleeping drugs and lots of external batteries.. (For those of you who haven’t seen them, APC sells external laptop batteries.. 65 wh each. They give me about 2.5 hours of runtime each, plus the 2 hours on the internal battery is 7 hours of computational fun.. they were about $75 each at CompUSA’s going-out-of-business sale)

One fun thing about my life is that I had almost no jet lag going to NZ, because 9 AM here is 2 PM at home, so I’m only waking up a hour than I usually would be.

Also, the place we’re working at has a kickass automagic coffee maker.. this thing is beyond cool. Press one button on the front panel and it grinds beans, brews a cup in about 30 seconds. Press another, it adds milk. Only thing it won’t do is put the suger in for you.. (but see next year’s model.. ;-))

I’m also getting in lots of walking.. it’s about a klick from the hotel to where we’re working, mostly uphill 😉 – so there’s some chance I will return lighter than I left, even though the food is definately on the yummy side.

I got a new digital camera (well, actually, it’s a shared purchase) which I’ve been having all kinds of fun with – it’s the first fully manual one I’ve had, and it’s sooo nice having all that flexibility back. (It’s the first time I’ve been able to afford a fully manual one – it was less than my first digital camera!)

Of course, there are the obligatory long-exposure night shots – I’ll post them when I get home..

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  1. bluemistress Says:

    wow, i am so jealous! nz tops my list of places to visit one day.

    didn’t realize your digicam was manual — how cool! do post some pics.

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