Amusing parallels & nightmares

Apparently the war between authority and music is a bit older than the rave scene. 😉

I had a couple of really bad nightmares last night. In one, I went camping at Blue Bend, and brought my PA system, and the cops showed up, and found one tiny flake of weed sticking to some part of the thing, and were summarily busting me..

In the other, I found myself in a plane – in the air, about 3000 feet above some CA mountains – with a coworker (not the one who’s a pilot, one who I suspect wouldn’t know what to do with a plane if there was a heads up display telling him which controls to change), and he was panicing (sp?) because he didn’t know how to fly, and I took the wheel (it was a reletively small plane, with a yolk, but not a Cessna.. the control panel didn’t look familiar, but all the instruments were standard) and immediately the plane stalls, complete with buzzer, airspeed falling below the redline. I push the throttle all the way up, bring the nose down, wait for the elevators to bite, and then gently pull back. As soon as I get it to level flight, it stalls again. We complete this until the altimiter is reading out in millimeters instead of feet, and then I somehow manage to shear the wings off trying to land it on a freeway.. then I wake up.

Now this makes no sense, because I have landed so many prop planes deadstick in a simulator that I could do it with one hand tied behind my back. It’s one of my favorite simulator games.. take the plane up, turn off the magnetos, and then find the airport and set it down in one peice, on one try.

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