A nifty idea for streaming..

It would be really cool to write a streaming application that had one transcover per client (from a bus source) and scaled the transcoder’s bitrate based on how many TCP_ACKs it was getting back. (up to some sort of sane limit). It seems like, combined with a bit of buffer on the client side, you could do transparent adaptive streaming from MP3 that way. (kind of like VBR on steroids)

Is there any easy way to see TCP_ACKs from userspace?

2 Responses to “A nifty idea for streaming..”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Isn’t UDP most commonly used for streaming?

  2. sheer_panic Says:

    UDP is commonly used for streaming with dedicated streaming applications like Real and WMA. I want to stream MP3, which is commonly done over TCP. In addition, UDP doesn’t like NATs very much.

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