A interesting thought..

If one accepts my theory (and I won’t argue with you if you say it’s extrordinarily far-fetched) that the roots of the trees form a messaging network similar to the Internet, used for Terra to talk to herself.. (about whatever it is that Terra talks to herself about) a interesting challenge would be to try to tie the two networks togeather.

Yes, it would take some pretty serious technologies – ones that we’ve no idea how to impliment. We have no idea what the packet format might look like for Terra’s network of leaves.. it likely, I would think, would involve a bunch of interesting chemical messaging systems.

My mother insists there is no way Terra could be alive. But then, she also thinks that the old testiment God and the creator of the universe are the same entity, something I find rather hard to credit.

Among other things.. nutty as it is.. I have to think the creator of the universe was female. (assuming we’re not inside some larger technological creation.. )

Who knows.

In other news, I got my Big Honking Backup Drive to work, and am currently backing up all the data on Gateway. Whew. Hundreds of gigabytes.

(in other, truly twisted news – the Earth’s magnetic field is known to turn over from time to time. What if we’re inside a hard drive? We have no real sense of scale – there may be entities that are thousands of times the size of us. Let’s hope if so they continue to stay a long way away. ;-))

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  1. bakeme Says:

    have you ever read any terry pratchett? i highly recommend him. he’s well-versed in philosophy, quantum physics, and human nature, and pokes endless fun at them. it’s fantasy stuff, and in it the world is a disc carried on the backs of four elephants who in turn stand on the shell of a great turtle, a’tuin. in one of his books it turns out that wizards fifty years ago discovered the secret to reading great a’tuin’s mind, and they’ve been reading it in shifts ever since.

    so far they’ve gotten that a’tuin is going somewhere. but they don’t know where.

    in fifty years, the great turtle’s thoughts have traveled just that far.

    terra might indeed think, but she might think sloooooooowwly.

  2. bakeme Says:

    if they’re sufficiently larger than us, they could be all around us and we’d never know. we could be the sub-atomic particles of which they are constituted.

  3. goamaki Says:

    why does the Universe Creator have to be any “sex”? Hope you are doing okay…never hear back from you. 😛

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