Couple of interesting thoguhts

#1) I think I’m worried that humanity is living down to my expectations

#2) Part of why I loathe the cloud is that I am anti-authoritarian. The cloud is the ultimate authoritarian setup – they can change the price, the API, or just shut the whole thing down at any time and there’s nothing you can do. I prefer to control my own destiny in a computing sense. And in other senses too.

It terrifies me that I have friends who don’t understand that someone who thinks they should be president even though they clearly lost the election is the ultimate example of authoritarian government.

3 Responses to “Couple of interesting thoguhts”

  1. bunne Says:

    I think that in ten years, all of this data mining, data hoarding, and “gotcha” BS will be as useful as breasts on a trout, and nobody will much care as long as their interests are served, their bellies are full and their roof doesn’t leak. I also think that the job of governance is to protect the sovereignty of the nation they govern, meet the needs of the governed and not get a gold star on their foreheads from the “cool” countries. What do I know? I’m just a rock and roll singer.

  2. Firesong Says:

    *hugs* Seems like things are just becoming more and more authoritarian. You are definitely not a supporter of that sort of thing.

  3. Swipes Says:

    You mock my desire for a hard copy album even with your hatred of the cloud. 😉 (I actually typoed ‘our’ for ‘your’ and pondered leaving it)

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