You might be a UberGeek if:

1) Going to defcon involves more planning than most major programming projects.
2) You’ve ever corrected a bug in a open-source product _and submitted the fix_.
3) You’ve ever _added a feature_ to a open source product.
4) You know what a given RRGGBB hex code would look like
5) You know why EIDE/UDMA66 cables have twice as many wires.
6) You know assembly, for any processor
7) I could go on… and on.. and on…

One Response to “You might be a UberGeek if:”

  1. brassratgirl Says:

    or worse yet if you do exactly the same thing for fun that you do for work. Oh, wait, that’s me.
    but don’t despair! and don’t fret! I swear you’re more educated than all of the post-docs that I work around.
    Anyway, I may have another job possibility for you [grins] you wanna code for some biologists? you could learn new skills, just like I am. How to dissect dead birds for fun and profit.
    (speaking of biologists, what about your sister in august?)
    be thinking of me sleeping while you work tonight…

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