You get what you pay for – CalPop worst ISP ever?

So, I’ve got a machine colocated with CalPop, who offer 10 megabits and 4U for $99/month – $88/month if you prepay for six months.

I’m really wishing I’d chosen a slightly better ISP. Today, they announced that I’m being renumbered and relocated to a different building – today – with no warning. Renumbering means I have to update DNS for all my domains, including name server bindings. The bit that really gets me is the *no warning*. Who doesn’t know that they’re going to have to relocate servers even a day in advance?

So, those of you considering using CalPop for your colocation needs (hint, hint, google) – beware, you might find yourself renumbering with no warning. Or possibly worse – I’m idly worrying about whether they’re renumbering because they couldn’t pay their XO bill.

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  1. Cygnostik Says:

    ThePlanet FTW!
    I can’t friggin’ afford it – the support blows goats – the service is nearly perfect. Don’t think I’d ever change…

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