Ye gods.

I’m glad my computer clock is a hour off. If that were really what time it were, then I’d really be scared.

Spent a few hours tonight playing with Reason (my new favorite toy. I keep thinking I’m going to go to a coffeehouse open mic with a accordian made out of a pair of oxygen8s. I’ll be the first techno accordion player. It’ll be hilarious.

Peseta music, the accordian store around the corner, must be rubbing off on me.

At least, that’s kind of whatI’m figuring at the moment.

But it’ll be a great hit at DefCon. I swear.

Assuming they let us HOLD another DefCon. ‘We didn’t exactly take away the freedom to assemble. We just made the person who’s place you are assembling at responsable for any illegal activities that occured there’. Thank you, RAVE act. It’s more like Reduce America’s Vulnerability to Young Radical Types.

Except that RAVYRT just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

‘Sheer, you’re overreacting’.

Okay. Fine.

In the meantime, my reasonesque meanderings are up on my el-cheese radio station. The transcoder is, however, broken.

Mental note to self: do something about that.

It’s okay, they suck anyway.

I am starting to wonder, though, how do I know when I’m good enough to play a open mic? And what kind of open mic do I find to play? I mean, yeesh, I’m not even sure what my musical style _is_…

I guess the one good thing is, this is Seattle, LOT of coffeehouses.


Except I guess the Starbucks and Seattle’s Bests of the world do not have things like open mics or poetry readings or pun contests.

Probably just as well.

You know, when I was a teenager there was a coffee house where you could always be sure to find someone interesting to talk to…

Yes, I hear Nicka and Chris snickering over in their respective corners, if they read this. Shut up, Chris, it was too cool. I don’t think it ever made any money, though, which was the problem. And so they turned it into a bar & grill or something of that sort. the Firehouse? Something like that.

But prior to that, it was the Dharma Coffeehouse. Ah, memories of Fairfax, Emmit Swimming doing accoustic sets..

I actually have to admit, for all my hatred of northern virginia, it did have two things going for it. Dharma and Traxx.

I think they closed both of them, though.

Okay. Enough nostalgia.

Signing off.


2 Responses to “Ye gods.”

  1. jcurious Says:

    dharma rocked.. I agree 😉

  2. jdcatron Says:

    Both are closed.

    Ah well.

    DC sucks. Seattle rules. Boston rules.

    We knew all this already.

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