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First, some news. I’ve decided to let and lapse, as I don’t really use them often enough to justify having a TLD. In the future, get to wshr via All part of my simplifying-my-life plans.

Second, tonight I had a great wshr session.. I was the only musician on, but I wandered over quite the gamut. Listeners included Scott & Cori, Doctor [for a while], Worm [for a while], and Yin. And you, if you choose to listen to WSHR from March 20th, 2010.

A (partial) songlist – not in order, and from memory


Who’s going to ride your wild horses?
Closer to fine
Streets have no name
Joy to the world (“Jeremiah was a bullfrog”)
City of new orleans
Rainbow Connection (part of a muppet medley, as it happens)
Puff The Magic Dragon
The Rose
Right Here Waiting
The Promise
I’d do anything for love (breif excerpt, part of a medley also)
Sympathy for the devil
The boxer
Sound of silence
Scarborough fair
On the turning away
All the kings men
Everybody Knows
Me & Bobby McGee
House of the rising sun
Take Me Home, Country Roads
The River
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Sheer originals:
Lady Amythyst’s song
Lost Angeles (Mei’s song)

At least three

I had a good time, anyway. 😉

I also found a archive file from a jam about this time last year. I have *no idea* what’s on it, or what quality it is, but here it is: March 5, 2009

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