Whip It..

Okay, so Kayti and I went to see Whip It – it wasn’t hard to convince me to see this movie, since it had pretty much everything.. Drew Berrymore, skating (I loved Roll Bounce), and.. roller derby?

I’m not a contact sports kind of person. Generally, ‘no pain, success’ has been more my style than ‘no pain, no gain’.. but .. wow that looks like fun.

Yes, I realize it probably hurts a bit..and I would have to regain my quad skate skills, which are very, very dusty..

Sadly, a little Googling reveals that there’s no male roller derby team in SoCal. Ah well.

So, I commented on this on facebook, but seriously, wouldn’t laser tag on roller blades be fun? Especially on a very large flat surface like a warehouse floor, with some cleverly placed obsticles? (And some of Chris Mish’s best EBM going). Who’s got a warehouse we can borrow? Anyone else in? [Oh. Wait. I only have one friend who lives here who skates, and he’s more the dancer type..]

Well. Hm. I wonder.. Craigslist…?

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