Ow my aching back. Today is another back-hurts day. Had nightmares all last night.. in one, I was trying to get through a tunnel and there was broken glass everywhere and it was embedding in my skin. In others, other horrible things happening.. in general, it was not a good night. I also kept Kayti up with my tossing and turning, which is pretty horrible.

But, it’s day 25. Halfway to my high water mark, still doing fine. I was put in temptation’s way, in terms of having a cig, last night and managed to resist. I don’t know that I’ve given up cigs forever, but I’m pretty clear on them being among the things that I’m not touching this (year – 25 days). And really, I haven’t been smoking any to speak of for a couple of years now.

One year still seems just as long as it did when I started this adventure, but at least I’ve got lots of stuff to keep me busy.

Sometimes I wish I was a little less busy, but I will survive

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  1. cori_chronicles Says:

    Proud of you!

    Did you ever give that chiropractor a call? I put the details on Brig.

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