We’ve all been born before, we’ll all be born again..

I find the idea of time looping unusually unnerving lately.

Of course, then there’s my breif trip to schizophrenia-land, that I’m still trying to digest.

Basically, here’s the thing that gets me: Signals don’t come from nowhere. We had entire choruses of voices, a plethora of rhyming, singing not-so-fun – and the question keeps coming up – where did they come from? If my subconcious, how exactly did they end up formatted as words (much less singing) – and why could I sometimes ‘steer’ them by thinking about it, and other times not? And why did they hate me so much? Am I enslaving other people inside my own head?

[then there was the whole typing thing – and the one voice which predicted something accurately. I don’t know. Spooky.]

3 Responses to “We’ve all been born before, we’ll all be born again..”

  1. goamaki Says:

    I find ‘cheese in a can’ quite unnverving. 😉
    We’ve all got voices in our head. It’s important to listen to them. It’s your choice whether you follow them or not. You’re enslaving YOURSELF inside your own head.

  2. brassratgirl Says:

    Isn´t that the type of sensation that people typically get when they´re on recreational drugs? Seems like cause and effect could be a factor here.

  3. rarkrarkrark Says:

    Don’t be too quick to let them diagnose you with schizophrenia, particularly because your problems with psychosis seem to be very much drug related.

    I’m worried about you. Please write or call when you can.


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