I got most of that out my system. It’s amazing how much fun you can have with two MC505s and a DJ mixer. I want to write some patterns for them and go out somewhere in seattle and do my own show this way. All my equipment would fit in a small car, if I just brought a couple of 450s, the DJ mixer, the microKorg, and two 505s.. and I could *rip it up*. I kept a solid 20 minutes of bangin’ psytrance going without dropping the beat once.

I know that Grei would look down on the DJ mixer I have (it’s a Berengher DJM-700) but for me it’s a incredibly nifty mixer. I’m really not clear on what the difference between it and the pioneer is.. it’s about as noiseless as one could wish for, and all the faders are VCA, so waht’s the big deal?

There are times I go for brand loyalty.. but most of the time, I just want things that work.

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  1. goamaki Says:

    Berengher is fine…who said they sucked? 🙂

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