Sleep seems to again be eluding me. I miss P. horribly. I thought I was over this.

Everything comes in waves.. cycles.. it’s amazing how cyclic the universe is.

We’re playing a house party in Wedgewood tomorrow, and from all appearances it is going to be truly memorable. I just hope it’s not *too* memorable.. some of the described entertainments sound pretty intense. I can’t tell when these people are serious and when they’re joking, but if I come back with my pubic hair dyed and cut in the shape of a question mark, I guess we’ll know the answer to that.

It’ll probably just be a house party like any other, and they’re probably just trying to see how gullible I am. But.. well, you never know. Anyway, it’s another chance for MC to play, and I’m glad of that..

I wish I wasn’t so sad right now.

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  2. anonymous Says:

    er, remember listening to this song in the car?

    “I’ll be looking everyday. I know I’m gonna find a way. Nothing’s gonna stop me now. I’ll find a way somehow. I’ll be searching everywhere.”

    I know someone who would spend a lifetime with you if you gave them the chance. You could go visit them, take walks with them, or see how they’re doing every once in a while if you can’t have them in your home. You could help each other through a rough patch.



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