At this point, it’s very likely that Fluffy Bunny is happening. I’ve booked the space, made arrangements for the CD duplication, lined up a crew, arranged to borrow equipment, and I’m ordering flyers tomorrow.

I’ve wanted to do this for *years*.. takin’ it back to the raves of my childhood.. back when raver wasn’t a dirty word, a party would never have more than a few hundred people, and often would cost less than a meal at the local fast-food place. Ah, nostalgia. I’ve lined up a great set of DJs, and I have no doubt that they will rock my socks off..

And, I no longer think only 12 people will show up. Probably because when posted the first version of the flyer in her journal, there was a very rapid progression of ‘I’m There!’ posts.. one person was even talkin’ about coming up from Portland..

I’m excited, I admit it. My very own fluffy trance party.. *dances around*

2 Responses to “Well..”

  1. zarkle Says:

    dude!! I wanna go!! I wonder how much plane tickets are! 🙂 .. I doubt I could take time off again that soon … sounds fun though!!!

  2. goamaki Says:

    dood, it will go down in history. 😀

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