I’ve now discovered another activity that I can do to help me get over my stage fright (which, thankfully, is getting much better – anyone remember a year ago, at EMP, how scared I was? ;-))


Surprisingly frightening.. worse than doing keys, because it’s something I’m not by any stretch of the imagination good at – but yet, it seems to be permissable to be bad at it. And it’s entertaining in any case.

Tonight I met a new friend [I don’t know if it’s something about Seattle, or something about me – but lately, I’ve been finding friends all over! Ravers, geeks, hippies, good people all. Have I mentioned lately how much I love Seattle?] and went out, sang ‘Everybody hurts’ (which I massacred somewhat, but only somewhat) in a smoky karaoke bar. I wonder if the iSchool people will ever have a iSing night.. heh heh…

It was, as Alex is wont to say, a fun time.

Tomorrow night I fly to SoCal to see Tears For Fears and Billy Idol. I’m excited, a bit, yes..

Work problems are all over the place lately.. I find myself torn – because I’d like to keep getting the money for the parking meter project, but at the same time, I’m soooo tired of parking meters, and so over parking meters.. I need to find a new job. I really do. I don’t love what I do any more.. I’m not even sure I like it very much. I don’t believe that what I’m doing is for the good of mankind – I’m starting to think it’s rather the opposite.

Maybe I should call up Craig and see how serious he was about that job at a video game company – at least that’s work I could be proud of.

And of course there’s still that part of me that dreams of the band taking off and making enough money to pay for my existence. Realistically, though, I know that generally just doesn’t happen.

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  1. zarkle Says:

    YOu’ll be in OC this weekend? chunker reunion part deux is sat. night! heh 🙂

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