That’s rather amusing. The party I went to tonight had at least 3 times the sound quality, at least 100 times the vibe, and cost a fifth as much and didn’t sport a single big-name DJ. I would call what I did tonight a rave.. a small one, but a rave nonetheless. Whereas I’d call Freak Night more a ubercommercial nuthouse – almost like a vendor area at a rave convention. 😉

No, really, I had a good time both places.. but I think I can do with about once a year for last night’s adventures, whereas I’d like to find a warehouse party (maybe a touch bigger than tonight’s, but not too much bigger!) every other weekend or so.

It was nice being amongst real ravers again.. everybody was friendly and super-nice – I must have talked to ten people, and never felt claustrophobic or judged or out of place. Sadly, their names will probably all fade from my memory.. (except Jesiah, who I think I commited to memory.. but then, I gave him a ride up.. )

So – I think I’m going to take a day off parking meters to clean some, since P. had a little commentary in her journal about how I’m pigpen incarnate. [Yes, guilty.. I already did the dishes, but maybe I can try and reduce the entropy level in my office]

7 Responses to “well..”

  1. goamaki Says:

    I can clean your house. $15/hr.

  2. sheer_panic Says:

    You are so not serious.. 😉

  3. goamaki Says:

    VERY serious. I specialize in kitchens and washrooms.
    Your personal space I would leave alone…

  4. jcurious Says:

    would sterling, virginia be too much of a commute?!?

  5. goamaki Says:

    not if you can spot me a plane ticket. 😀

  6. brassratgirl Says:

    the whole *house* is his personal space — that’s the problem 😉

    you have my stamp of approval though. Papers & bill records from the mail can get piled up in one large basket for me to go through later. I save all that stuff for the business files.

  7. goamaki Says:

    Hello! 🙂 I’ll survey the “damage” first. Maybe I don’t know what I”m getting into. I’ve done this before , for my boyfriends friends. I don’t mind cleaning, and they are really lazy. 😛 works out well.

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