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Recently, I went to see ‘Children of Men’. I will say first that this is the first time that I can remember that a movie literally put me in shock. While I wasn’t blown away with the cinematography (others disagree and think it was wonderful), the violence was so.. accurate. I suppose if I’d been playing Half Life every day like a good little boy it wouldn’t have affected me so much, but.. I didn’t even react sexually to the lovely shot of the leading lady’s breasts because I was still in fight-or-flight terror mode from the love interest of the leading male charicter getting graphicly mutilated.

It was very disturbing, although the basic premise was pretty unbeleivable. (uh, huh, this magic whatever is completely undetectable by modern science, only affects humans but no other mammals – you know, that DOES kind of sound like the Hand of God. For some value of God that includes EVIL_BASTARD as a attribute.)

Anyway, I was thinking, as I watched the movie.. someone should make a movie in which $ENEMY thoroughly blows up the U.S., ending with footage from the recent $STUPIDITY in Iraq followed by, white on black, a feild of text.. ‘Let us hope and pray that our enemies don’t hold us to the Golden Rule.’

I can only think, watching the various factions blow each other up in a struggle for dominance, that this movie did, whatever else it did or didn’t do, do a remarkably accurate job – I imagine, I’ve never been there – of capturing what war must be like.

I Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate that any of my energy might ever be expanded on this enterprise – and yet, I will probably send the IRS a check in April.

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