Two thoughts

1) My web page front ( still pulls from – so as a result, this post will ping-pong from my wordpress, to LJ, to my homepage. Maybe somewhat wasteful, but oh well.

2) I prefer not to think of it as death, but rather as logging out. Given infinity and eternity, chances are we’ll all get together again somewhere, sometime. (Or, as Manaj said.. sometime, when it’s the right party..)

3) I know I said 2. But I need to find a party with obscenely loud anthem trance. If none are forthcoming… (looks towards his garage and snickers) – ten friends, a generator, a car full of speakers, and all of the Great California Desert. Just have to wait a few more months for it to get cool enough.

4) Obviously I don’t know when to stop. Yesterday was a friend’s 5th anniversary of not smoking. I wish I could remember when I stopped, so I could have some clue what anniversary I’m on. I’m pretty sure I’ve stopped for good, because the smell of smoke now makes me unhappy, and even when peer pressured I don’t light up. No big loss – it sucked money out of my bank account, made me feel miserable in the mornings, and wasn’t as effective as coffee in making me alert. And I’ve learned that it’s acceptable to wander around talking to coworkers *without* anything burning

5) In other, less exciting news, 210 days.

6) I hate money. I hate corporations that care more about money than the well being of their employees or customers. I hate that anyone should go to sleep in a gutter, or have no food, because of stupid little pieces of green paper. I feel guilty that I appear to have drawn one of the longer straws, and that I don’t do as much as I should – but I also feel like I will be able to do more if I get out of debt before I start seriously looking for places to spend my money that will help feed the dogs, cats, and humans of the world. I also hate that donating anything results in many organizations sending flurries of letters your way – which makes one wonder if donations aren’t counterproductive because the energy you send in just gets used to send letters to more people

Hm. I’m not in the best of moods this morning. I think I’ll go back to coding.

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