Troubled? Me?

Apparently a friend of mine from Lambda ( 8888) read this, or at least parts, and commented that they were the ravings of a ‘very intelligent and rather troubled mentality’.

After some thought, I’ve come up with a few reactions:

1) If you’re not troubled, you’re not paying attention.
2) Troubled? Me? You must have me confused with some other left wing pinko liberal anti-religion commie hippie scumbag..
3) Troubled? No, I’m just upset.

Seriously, do I advocate blowing things up? Killing people? Anything like that? No, i’d just like to overthrow the government and install one that actually beleives in the principles they told us all about in grade school. That’s all. And I’m not even willing to kill anyone to do it.

[Which means I’m not likely to succeed.]

Or, if you prefer, troubled? No! I’m just trying to develop technology that will make our transportation grid not cause a global climate shift and several major wars.

Okay, so I’m troubled. I admit it. But I’d like to think that the fact that I’m troubled indicates that I’m paying attention – which I’d like to point out that about 99.5% of the world – isn’t.

Besides, isn’t it always the tortured geniuses who produce the most interesting creations?

Oh, forgot, I’m not a genius. but I’m tortured! Really! Honest!


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