To clarify..

I’m not willing to have anyone hurt or killed in the process of removing the government. I’d like a completely bloodless upgrade, carefully orchistrated, and with a backup plan for restoring the current corrupted operating system if the new OS didn’t turn out to be better.

Yes, I understand what bakeme is saying with it being very difficult to create – or at least find – intellectual property. Remember that creating IP is one of the things that I do fairly regularly at my job, and that I’ve helped create a CD, and many of my own tracks. I understand that this isn’t a easy thing to do.

But I also understand that somewhere.. maybe on earth or maybe in a galaxy far, far away – another musician is likely creating the exact same tracks – and that I shouldn’t ‘own’ the ideas because I created them first. Ideas are free for all.

For that matter, when you speak of someone else taking my novel and making millions – well, aside from the fact that my name appears on the cover, if I get a publisher to publish it, chances are that’s what happens. In the music industry, it’s not the artists (with a few notible exceptions) who are getting rich, it’s the publishers. So, we’re already there.

I think the world would be a better place if there was no *need* to worry about ownership of intellectual property. We could all have access to any IP we want, and the authors and artists could have no worry of starving or being unable to feed their children or unable to pay the morgage.

Yes, this is another of my ‘money sucks’ posts.

I’m sorry that my attitudes and views annoy so many of you. Would you all rather that I didn’t write about them? I’m not going to stop thinking the way I do, and it does make me somewhat unhappy when people speak – often in a somewhat aggressive tone – about how wrongheaded I am.

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  1. bakeme Says:

    not at all! i sympathize with your views on IP to a great extent. i am a shameless burner of cds, for example. i just had to make my usual point that we shouldn’t go all the way in the opposite direction. also, more generally, i’m a contentious bastard who can’t sit still to watch an unanswered viewpoint go by. whenever i post complete disagrements with you, it’s only because some part of me agrees with you, and yet i find myself conflicted about it. so, i go all the way to the other end of the conceptual spectrum and see what kind of camp i can set up there.

    i only comment on posts that intrigue me.

  2. randomdreams Says:

    I don’t think anyone owns ideas, or can. We might own expressions of, or implementations of, an idea, but not for long. I’m talking purely about the USA here, and in our own Constitution, it says clearly that to enhance the arts and sciences, a person is granted a limited-time right to distribute an expression or implementation, after which it is free to everyone. The only quibble is about what ‘limited-time’ means, and I think it should be a great deal shorter than it is currently. But the concept that a creative moment should permanently be the property of a person (or more tellingly a corporation) is, I think, a bad thing.

  3. anonymous Says:

    Potty jokes aside (which your post was severely lacking in, by the way), you’re so right- this stuff really is one of the big parts of the larger cluster-fuck of life that always drives me violently angry.

    In some cases when ‘they’ discuss why IP should be protected, things like that – I can kind of empathize, I mean a lot of what they say makes sense; BUT ITS BROKEN! I get that people need to be able to do what they do and survive for it (and maybe not exclusively make a living on just that either) but I have a hard time seeing just how one can do that in a more open system… Another piece of reality that some smart people need to revamp and put a new system into place by force.



  4. ClintJCL Says:

    By the way, I’ve been thinking about some of what you said… And….. to put it in terms you may like: A society without money is like an operating system without a scheduler. Everyone would simply grab as much CPU time as they could, and we would reach a deadlock of anarchy.

  5. ClintJCL Says:

    And, similarly, forcing a government to replace itself without having to use force is like forcing your computer to change operating systems by asking it nicely. It’s just not gonna happen. You gotta force it. And sometimes (Well, once ever for me) you gotta actually re-format the drive. 🙂

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