Things I would like to teach my parents:

The world is not something to be afraid of. For the most part, strangers aren’t handing out razor blades – and they have the nicest candy, and some of the most interesting things to say. Some drugs can be good and positive things. Almost no drugs belong in a child’s bloodstream – legal or illegal. Love is to be cherished. There’s nothing wrong with being gay – or transgendered – or different. The government is to be distrusted at all times. Politicians lie, cheat, steal, and are generally evil. At times, abortion is the only reasonable action. Life is what happens while you’re making other plans. God does not want you to fear him/her/it. The old testiment is just plain wrong. If you want to show love to God, show love to your fellow man. Believe impossible dreams – and then make them happen. We don’t need more children. We don’t need more wars. We don’t need more nuclear weapons, missle defense systems, troops, aircraft carriers, or cold wars. Above all, WE DONT NEED MORE FEAR OR HATE! Encourage children to turn off the television. Imagine everything you know is wrong. Imagine everything you know is right. Sin is hurting other people.

And, thoughts that didn’t quite make the poster, but still seem worthwhile:

Rather than telling kids not to have sex before marrage, tell them that having sex with someone will create a bond with that person, a obligation to that person, and a memory of that person that will last their entire lives – so choose wisely and don’t rush in. Capitolism is mostly evil – ‘Better Dead than Red’ is a sign of how thoroughly bankrupt the mental capacities of America apparently were in the ’50s.

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