The world needs more like Jim McDermott

I’m sure that right-wing pundits and peoples wince whenever they hear the name.

Rep. McDermott has a remarkable history of voting for the right thing [from my opinions anyway]. He consistantly votes the long view [not what is best for us right now, but what is best in 50 years], he consistantly votes against war and warmongering, and he consistantly votes against the removal of civil liberties. On social services he’s mixed – but I almost always agree with his choices.

It makes it kind of hard to send the guy letters, though. I mean, my best mode for writing to congresspeople is irate – but all I can ever say when writing a letter to McDermott is ‘You done good. Keep up the good work.’

Sometimes I wonder if I should just stop.. but it seems that a show of support is a nice thing to do.. and it’s so reassuring to have a representative that represents me.

Of course, that makes me wonder about my fellow constituants. Enough of them must agree with McDermott to vote him into office.

I’ve only heard him speak once – at an antiwar rally – and he said what needed to be said, and pulled no punches. He was a good public speaker – I suppose that’s hardly suprising – but he looked older than I expected. I guess not everyone turns warmongering and conservative as they age – well, I knew that already..

Mostly, I wish he were younger because I want him around and voting in the house for another 50 years. 😉

3 Responses to “The world needs more like Jim McDermott”

  1. anonymous Says:

    “want him around and voting in the house for another 50 years.”

    I expect to never see any post from you here complaining about career politicians.

  2. sheer_panic Says:

    Have I ever? 🙂

    That would be your complaint. I just complain about politicians that waffle wherever the money or the vote goes, pander to special interests, start unreasonable wars / spend my money blowing things up or buying toys to blow things up with, show no apparent ability to thinkk, no spine, and no personal beliefs at all..

    I guess, thinking about it, I’m more or less okay with career politicians.


  3. anonymous Says:

    Many of the ills you attribute to politicians in general are those of politicians who have been in office far too long.

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