Take me home…

One of my mom’s favorite songs is ‘Take me home, country roads’.. this afternoon, I was messing around with it and decided to record it to give to her as a Christmas present.. this is the first thing I’ve recorded for many, many months so I thought I’d mention it here. In addition, and noteworthy, this is the first recorded track (with the possible exception of a performance with Kayti’s voice class on the 12th that was videotaped) in which both me and Kayti appear – she is the flute solo at the end.

The URL is: http://www.sheer.us/stuff/SheernKayti-CountryRoads-2007-ForMomXmas.mp3

Yes, my singing is less than perfect. I also really need to buy some of those foam balls that go over the heads of microphones – I’ve tried the clamp-on-pop-filters, and they are *way* more trouble than they’re worth when you’re at my somewhat amatuar singing level.

4 Responses to “Take me home…”

  1. ClintJCL Says:

    foam balls? try clown noses!

  2. ClintJCL Says:

    You know, google reader automatically puts a play widget in this entry? Pretty cool!

  3. sheer_panic Says:

    Google – not as evil as microsoft, but just as bent on world domination.


  4. ClintJCL Says:

    Yea, but their tools are daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn useful.

    I mean… it took a lot to wean me of of pine 🙂 And to make me realize “Yes, RSS *is* the best thing since http”.

    Still, though: FlickR > picasa.

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