Still out there, still ticking..

Well, it doesn’t seem that my recent visit to psychosis has damaged me much, aside from my continued rumniations on the nature of God [definately a risky subject, since people seem to get all up in arms about it from time to time..]

I’m liking the idea of being friends with more complex entities and energy systems – I’m not liking the idea of taking orders from them, but that seems to be because I was designed not to take orders from anyone. Or perhaps I grew to be that way. I don’t really understand it. I like helping people solve their problems, and creating nifty technological solutions to problems – I’m thinking I’m at least somewhat a technological wizard, although I’m nowhere where I will be after another ten, twenty, thirty years – if my brain doesn’t fail, but I’m guessing it won’t. It hasn’t yet, and I haven’t been a very good owner of it..

Mental note to do better, as always, and then roll forward.

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