So, today I’m doing sound for a small venue and a blues band. I’d forgotten how much fun it is (although a fair amount of heavy lifting is also involved). I need to make friends with some bands.. I remember looking at the sound for the Comet Club and being amused that I have a better system sitting in storage.

I didn’t bring the whole system – that would be way overkill for this venue.. I’ve just got one 1801 and 4 450s, two of which I’m planning on using as stage monitors.

After the event:

Well, it could have gone better. 😉 It also could have gone worse. I screwed up and paused the recording, and then when I unpaused it didn’t rearm the record tracks even though the record light was still on on the UI. Grr, digital performer, annoying bug, grr.

But, we got about ten minutes. Available at

I had a couple of feedback problems.. I want to get another driverack PA to run the floor monitors through.

Still, I had a really good time and am hoping that more chances to do live sound will be coming my way.

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