For months, Greg E. and others have been telling me about the wonders of ‘trillian’, the multi-network IM client. I’ve steadfastly resisted using it, for no apparently good reason..

However, ICQ has been getting buggier and buggier. For a long time, I’ve had to close incoming messages as soon as they come in because if too many of them popped up at once, it’d take ICQ down with it. And more recently, the ‘uh-oh’ has developed a tendancy to do something strange to my sound driver, leaving me without sound. [Just a touch annoying]. Then there’s this whole click on a URL and watch every explorer window on the system crash, one at a time thing..

So finally, after a particularly hairy kaboom [that took about a hour’s work with it] I decided to take the plunge, and installed Trillian.

Wow. Software that works. Not only is trillian more visually appealing, it doesn’t seem to have any tendancy to crash my computer in any way. I can click on links with no fear, leave ten chat windows open, and it hasn’t bollxied up my sound card once.

Cool stuff.

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