So, what’s with all the music?

Basically, I’m practicing. I’m warming up my songwriting, keyboarding, and multitrack skills because I hope soon that my friend Jessica will be joining me for a album-length recording project. As you’ve all noticed, I’m something of lacking in vocal skills – I’ve come a long way, but the experience recording TCP blues and Sex reminded my how very far I still have to go, especially in the rhythm and timing areas. So, I write – or discover – the music, and let others handle the vocals. (I’ll probably do some backing vocals, though).

In the meantime, I hve a serious backlog of songs to be written:

Changes (about overcoming inertia and making major changes in life)

I remember the future (about remembering a better world)

Time to walk away (About ending a relationship)

I love about you (About someone special’s good qualities)

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