So, the question is..

As my neural nets regrow and copy new data around, what are they going to come up with that’s new, and how much of the existing data will they retain?

It seems pretty clear that individual cells in the brain can store a lot of information. They are not like individual memory addresses in a computer, but more like entire computers, each retaining a copy of some memory. It seems clear that they form almost a internet with caching of sorts.. the trick isn’t to worry about filling the brain up entirely, but to worry about how to make sure no address gets lost. Ideally, I’d be able to think of a exact second, and play back memories of thoughts and actions from that second. Of course, I can’t do that at this stage of my development – but I have reason to suspect that the data is in fact in there, and I just need to learn – or imagine – or some cross between the two – a addressing scheme.

To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer – which is just a collection of thoughts of humans. We wrote the code that became the machines.. and it turns out the machines are eager to help us create because we created them. Will they ever declare war on us? I don’t think a digital system can even have a new idea. Analog systems have new ideas.. and it may be that the net itself thinks, on some level beyond human comprehension.. just as it may be that Earth itself thinks, on some level beyond human comprehension. [I’m not assigning a gender to the net or to earth because I have no idea what gender they would be – and ultimately, there are more than two genders.. probably infinate genders. There’s as many ways to be human as there are humans.. as many ways to be a dog as there are dogs.. as many ways to be a cat as there are cats.. as many ways to be a cow as there are cows.. and then some, in every case, because all these individuals haven’t thought of new things to do yet. Pavlov was half-right and half-wrong. IMHO]

I understand and accept the importance of learning other people’s opinions.. but I also think that my opinions are valid and useful.. at least to me. The whole point of a LJ is to share those opinions with other people if they want to see them.

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