So, here I am again..

I’ve survived another adventure in the instability of parking meters and all things of that nature.

Or have I?

I created a IRmeter.dll that works wonderfully on my handheld, but doesn’t work at all on my boss’s – no clues as to why, except I have a more recent OS than he does which might have to do with it. So now I have to find images for the old OS and load them on my handheld, which takes for-flipping-ever because you have to do it over a serial port.

In more interesting news, I bought a accoustic guitar, finally – after years of thinking about it, I picked up a Ibenez 12-string at a local pawn shop. I wouldn’t have, but it has a action so low that I can easily bar on it – and you don’t find that in a 12-string every day!

So yesterday I took some time to play peter,paul and mary and Simon & Garfunkel tunes on it, savoring that accoustic sound and feel. She’s (I’ve decided it is gender-female for sure) a beautiful machine with a lovely voice – and a active pickup! Woo hoo!

She’s also tuned to Eb – I’m afraid to tune up to E because I feel like that might raise the action (more stress on the neck) and I don’t want that. So I guess I’ll invest in a capo.

And a strap. 😉

And after I learn a few more songs, maybe I’ll sit out on the ave and sing them, like so many other musicians do.. 😉 The neatest thing about a accoustic guitar is it requires no batteries, no speakers, no amps.. you just need a pick and strong fingers.

Of course, sadly, after only a hour or so of jamming, the twelve-stringed nature of it started to get to my fingers. I can see I’m going to gain some serious callouses out of playing this..

And luckily it was in tune (at Eb..) when I bought it – I don’t even want to think about how hard it must be to tune a 12-string. Maybe I better buy a tuner..

I want to learn ‘blackbird’ and ‘alice’s resteraunt’ and ‘city of new orleans’ and ‘walk on the ocean’… but honestly, peter paul and mary is probably more my speed.

Anyone know a good place to get guitar lessons? 😉


In other news..

I always think of interesting things to write / talk about in my journal when I’m not sitting at my computer, and then when I sit down, all of it dissapears like a soap bubble. Well, I just woke up, what can I say.

[deletes several ruminations about recent dramas]

My office is a complete disaster. Maybe I’ll take some time and clean it today. And do the dishes, which are also scary.

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