SLacker I am

Actually, I’ve done lots of work today. But I’m going to pause for a breif station identification.

Moving ever closer to the perfect MP3 mix CD for working alongst to. Actually, I have two flavors of these – there are the 80s rock flavors and the trance flavors. [Depends on if I’m debugging or writing new code, and on how tired I am]

Anyway, a few favorite songs today

Sting – Desert Rose. [I’m sorry, I just looove this song – the version he did with Ceb Mani)
Jason Mraz – I won’t Worry (The Remedy) [Seems so appropriate, amidst all these paranoid and patriotic souls. I LOVE this song. Every once in a while I get a urge to mount my PA on the roof of my van and drive around playing it and jamming all TV signals. Then I realize that probably wouldn’t have the desired effect]
Roxette – Stars [I’ve always loved this one], a bunch of other Have A Nice Day stuff. 727.. such a upbeat depressing song. Salvation.. [sex is like giving someone your root password, except that you can’t change it afterwords. ]
REM – Fall On Me [This is rapidly climbing into my favorite songs list. I wonder if other people get the same meaning out of it I do.], Belong [always my favorite REM song], Losing My Religion, Stand [One of these days I’m going to go _do_ this.. I was trying to do it in my head and I got it all confused. I think when I stand in the place where I live and open my front door, I’m facing west, and then if I turn away from seattle I’m facing north. But it sort of scares me that I don’t know. Think about direction, wonder why you haven’t now?. I wonder if this is why I’m always getting lost.]
InSoc – Walking Away, How Long, Lay all your love on me
U2 – Walk on, In Gods Country, One Tree Hill [guess I was just in a U2 mood today]
Yes – Drama [Yes, the whole album. I looove that bouncing bass riff. I may have to sample it.]
Thailand Trance ANthems (who KNOWS who originally did it) – Neverending story, Second Nature
Queen – Who Wants To Live Forever
Cirque De Soliel soundtrack – Alligria [Freedom Circus! ;-)]
Dire Straits – Going Home
Shakira – Wherever Whenever
Simon And Garfunkel – America
Simple MInds – 7 deadly sins, she’s a river, all the things she said
Foghat – Sweet Home Chicago [sometimes you just need da blues…]
George Michael [don’t even say it!] – Father Figure, Faith [which I realized opens with the signature riff from ‘Freedom’.. why did I never get that before? it makes the song make so much more sense..], I want your sex [parts I and II], Hands To Mouth, Teacher
Infected Mushroom – Hallucinigin, Daddo Dirah, Blue Rythmic Night, Dream Theatre
Indigo Girls – Blood and Fire, Land of Canaan, Love Will Come To you [I almost started crying in the middle of that, though.. don’t listen to indigo girls at work. It’s a bad idea. luckily with my cold I’m sniffling so much anyway I doubt if anyone noticed]
Jackson Browne – For America [again, for good ol’ Texas]
Melissa Etheridge – Silent Legacy. [If I’d been really with it, I would have played this one at N.’s birth, too..]
Moodswings – Redemption Song [one of these days, I’ll have to write up my memory of listening to this song while tripping with one of my other LJ friends who knows who he is but is probably afraid they’d pull his security clearance if they knew he’d ever done such a thing.. there was a ‘perfect moment’ in there where the trees crystalized into fractals, and I was higher and happier than I’d ever been in my life, and suddenly, for just one breif second, everything made sense. Alas, the illusion faded all too quickly, leaving me as confused as I ever am.]

It’s amazing. There are no longer any sounds in any of this music I don’t know how to make. Not that I could have written any of it, but at least now I don’t sit there tearing my hair out and wondering ‘how did they DO that?’.I need to try some more multilayer recording, as soon as I get my mac back. [sniffle – still no call from the mac store. What are they _doing_ to it?]

So I started the paragraph below to thank JL for saying some things which, even though he probably had no idea of their significance to me, were really helpful. And then I just, um, forgot to stop. Some of you might find the list amusing.

Thanks to and for making me feel like I’m not nearly as alone as I thought. And to for the long and interesting discussion about meta-thought. [For the meta-challenged, that’s thought about thought, which sounds recursive mostly because it is. Facinating subject – I never get bored of it.]. And to Martin for being my friend. And to for too many things to list – whether this is a intermission or the curtain, it’s been fun and wonderful. And to for reassuring me that everyone roots for the Phantom (among other things). And to for being a good friend, and once much more. And to and Scott for talking, listening, and being nonmundane, and reassuring me that nonmundanity is good. And to for being a good friend and a facinating source of ideas and thoughts. And to for the jam, and introducing me to drugs, sex, and rock and roll – not neccesarily deliberately, or in that order. (Also for going out and having a good time with me the last time you were down here.. you gotta come to Seattle more). And to Martin, who doesn’t even read this, for making me laugh more than I have in months, among ten million other things. And to Linnea, who definately doesn’t read this, for teaching me a whole lot about myself. And to Ron, for giving me the experience of rockin’ the house. And to Lee, for teaching me, learning from me, and generally being a inspiration to me. [If I ever do grow up, I think I want to be like Lee.] And to Vinnie, for everything you were. Gone, but not forgotten – and if someday you want to talk to me again, you’ll know where to find me. And to Jessica, for apologizing. [It wasn’t neccesary, but it was a really, really nice thing to do and I’m truly touched]. And to Lucas and Joan, for taking me to my first rave. And to Sean and John, for jamming with me, and trying to keep me from harm when I had left myself. And to Jane, for the laughter, and Lisa for the company, and Esen for talking to me when I needed it, and Diane for kicking my ass when I needed it, and H.K. for being a world class partier to aspire to. And to Killroy for inviting me to all those parties, and to Chief for 420, and Leo & Mac for the car, and Mish for, well, I’m not really sure what, but I’m sure there are things ;-). And Scott for believing in me, and Greg for pushing me just hard enough but never too hard, and Dan S. for making me plug in and play, hence conquering one of my biggest fears even if I did suck. And to the music and the network, without which my existance would be quite pathetic indeed.

I may not have very many local friends. (if you stretch a point, like 7 of them. Probably three I see every month) But in total friends, I am blessed indeed. They’re just scattered throughout the U.S. and occasionally elsewhere. Thanks to all of you. I should print out this list to keep on my wall for when I’m feeling especially alone. Especially since it’s not even complete.. I’m sure I have other friends & once-friends lurking out there.

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  1. brassratgirl Says:

    I think when I stand in the place where I live and open my front door, I’m facing west
    backwards. That’s the backdoor 🙂
    Anyway, your [lj-user=””] tags didn’t work, but that might be just as well.

  2. jcurious Says:

    took me awhile to find it:

    btw.. I’m curious.. which things had what significance?

  3. jcurious Says:

    sun sets in the west.. left is the hand that makes an L when you extend your thumb and pointing finger… while looking at the back of the hand…


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