Skating movies

So, I’ve been watching skating movies (as well as youtube videos on playing derby, etc) – so far we’ve got Roll Bounce, Whip It, The cutting edge, Blades of glory.. wondering what I’m missing. I’m sure there’s some classic older movies that show some fancy footwork.. comment if you know of any good ones.

I continue to fight my fear of lifting my feet while skating backwards.. leaving the ground no longer bothers me, and reversing no longer bothers me. I also wish I was good enough to practice outside.. but at the moment, becoming one with the ground is something I’m entirely too good at.

I also need to measure my wheels, because I need new wheels and I’m thinking I might as well get new bearings at the same time. My front wheels look like they’re wanting to skate on a banked track, with me skating level. As I practice going up on just my front wheels for tricks, I’m thinking I’m going to want more wheel surface to go up on.

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  1. curious Says:

    Although not a “roller skating” movie, “Xanadu” has one of the most elaborate roller skating scenes.

    Check out “Roller Ball” 1975 and 2002

    You can also use keywords on IMDB:

    Lets not forget Roller Girl in “Boogie Nights” 🙂

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