Since half my friends already have it

For those of you who care about these things and haven’t already heard them, the rough (uncut, unmixed, right off the PA feed during jam session) mp3s of me with Ron Miller are found at these URLs:


remember, this is rough stuff. I’m working on editing it for future consumption, but that will take a while.. [it takes a while to mix down 74 minutes of audio – not to mention paring 160 minutes down to 74. I’ve enlisted OMCN’s help, since that’s really more his forte than mine..]


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  1. dspisak Says:

    Try editing 7 hours of live bands into decent CD sets while trying to clean up incredibly boneheaded things the main audio production guy did.

    God I spent sooooo much time fiddling with tracks in Sound Forge and Samplitude Pro. I get tracks stuck looping in my head sometimes, I swear.

  2. jcurious Says:

    there is always “RAW! UnCUT! UnCensored! UnEdited! 7CDs! OneTake!”

  3. sheer_panic Says:

    Actually, I pity Spisak this experience.. apparently he was just supposed to be grabbing a 2 track (much like I do with me + Ron’s jams, as a ‘pilot track’ to decide what to do with the big, hairy track.. but the multitrack guy thought 24 tracks would fit on one ADAT pipe, and so misplaced 16 of them.

    NOTIHNG more frustrating than being 99% of the way to a multitrack recording and not quite making it there.

  4. dspisak Says:

    Yeah and the bands will then say:

    “This CD is RAW shit! UnCUT crap! UnCensored excrement! UnEdited because your an amature! 7CDs of shit!”


    Yeah basically, I was capturing the pilot 2-track with my Gina-24 and Mr. “I Know What I am DOing” Audio Production guy was running the mics, mixboard, and the multitrack capture on a rather nice looking AlesisHD24+ unit.

    Well I now finally have his recordings from the Alesis unit.


    And just to FUCK it up even more, some of the tracks have background instrument sound leaking into it. So I have multi-tracks of:

    Odd submix of Vocals and Drums, seems to be a -10dB mix

    But no fucking instrumentals! This shit is useless!

    Oh yeah, my other GREAT thing I had to deal with is there were band sets where he diddled with his main volume on the mix board in a somewhat dynamic fashion (scene: guy running the event got spooked cops were coming and made him crank down the volume. So volume to speakers is cranked down which apparently also affects my 2-track outputs. AIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!)

    But honestly I consider myself a rank amature at this stuff and I swear I could have done a better job then this guy.

    There were also other problems at the event like our support platform settling (imagine your entire audio area moving suddenly and sinking a few inches DOWN and the the left…in the middle of a live recodring session)

    Then there were power problems.

    Oh yeah, and numbnuts audio guy managed to have a track or two where there is audible mic feedback loop, but not a dominant one. Just enough of one for my ears to be able to pick out and annoy me.

  5. jcurious Says:

    much like discovering that some backup script was only backing up 3 levels deep… and all the critical info is about 5 levels deep?!? 😉 well ok.. I guess it’s not that bad… if nothing else you can redo the other 8 tracks later? might not exactly mesh.. but hey…

  6. dspisak Says:

    No way these tracks could be re-recorded later. This was for a private party live concert performance. The bands involved are all scattered to the four corners of the US.

    Some info about the event I am speaking of here (this is the PR version and all in all enough stuff went right to still call this a success considering I had never done something quite like this beforehand):,14179,2914481,00.html

    Hmmm, maybe I do get insider status often?

  7. dspisak Says:

    Oh, here I am trying to make all this shit work:

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