Since apparently it wasn’t obvious..

in all my whining about TCP slowstart and UDP, I was speaking of UDP *inbound* from $streaming_server on the internet to $my_pc behind a NAT (or, technically, a NAPT). Yes, I understand that $my_pc can send UDP any time it chooses, and I apologize for any that felt I wasn’t clear enough in my complaint. It strikes me that if you already understood the problem then what I said was clear enough, and if you *didn’t* already understand the problem then my very skimpy note on the subject wasn’t going to make any sense to you anyway. Of course, I suspect the person who complained the most was actually just annoyed at me for not liking Ron Paul. (Okay, I can’t prove that. But I wasn’t trying to write a treatsie on UDP, I was complaining that because it’s stateless it doesn’t go through NATs well – which is true – but because TCP is stateful, it doesn’t deal with congestion and delivery of time-sensitive data well – which is also true..)

Currently I’m supporting Kucinich, Hillary, and Obama. I really wish there was a strong contender that *wasn’t* part of the already highly questionable political system.. but there doesn’t seem to be. Mostly I’m trying not to get that involved because it will only lead to greater unhappiness. I sent moderate donations off to each canidate, and now I’m waiting for one of them to stand out – most likely by doing something I can’t stand. πŸ˜‰

I really like the idea of someone with a bit of diversity as president. We’ve had old, corrupt, and sometimes evil white men for the last 200 years.. it’s time for a change.

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  1. curious Says:

    Re: Ron Paul (again)
    I’m definitely not upset that your not supporting Ron Paul… your entry stated “For no reason I can directly identify, i don’t like Ron Paul” so I came up with some suggestions… and from those suggestions it seems to me that you know why you don’t like Ron Paul πŸ™‚

    Re: UDP
    When I read your comment the first time it sounded like you were saying that UDP didn’t map source port… when I read it again it didn’t sound quite the way I remembered it… shrugs… I probably had to deal with explaining simple network concepts to people who learned networking wrong somehow and are responsible for major networks…. so, anytime I see something that isn’t quite right… it rubs me the wrong way… I can sometimes become a network description nazi πŸ˜‰

    BTW, I Know he is white, male , and not a major candidate at all… but wen you get a chance, read up on Mike Gravel

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