since everyone else is doing the ‘random facts about me’ section, I thought I’d try and make up my own

*) I was born in Heidelburg, Germany, and grew up on the east coast, in New York and Northern Virginia
*) My favorite places in the world are southern California and Athens, Greece
*) My least favorite place in the world is nothern Virginia
*) I hold a deeper-than-logic conviction that I am not worthwhile. However, I still try to sell myself to the world. This leads to interesting and sometimes amusing contridictions
*) I spend a lot of my time meeting new people online. I have very few RL friends. It’s possible and even likely that I’m not good at meeting people RL – after all, my best conversation starter at a club recently was (to a guy wearing a Atari shirt) ‘8 bit computers rule’. He looked at me *very* strangely.
*) I play three instruments, and attempt to write music, and design and build electric vehicle subsystems.
*) Once I read most of the children’s section of a library in a summer
*) My favorite trance DJ is Paul Van Dyk
*) I have a tendancy to start projects before I’m finished with other ones, but I usually do finish what I start, eventually. Sometimes it can take several years, however.
*) I have been on 4 antidepressents, 2 anti-psychotics, and 1 ADD-‘fixer’ in my life. None of them had effects I liked.
*) My drug of choice is marajuana. I beleive strongly that it should be legalized, but am not exactly sure how it is spelled.
*) In general, my spelling is abysmal
*) I’ve hurt too many people. This is not intentional, and bothers me greatly.
*) I hate losing people, and ask almost everyone who I care about a lot to remember me.
*) I wish I was not human quite often

I probably should take another stab at that list when I’m not quite so depressed, methinks.


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