Red Hat Sucks..

I’m definately having a redhat sucks moment. I’ve got a stock RH AS3.5 server that is unable to build its kernel.

Yes, the distributed kernel that comes with the RPMs from redhat (kernel-source-blah-blah-blah) is broken with respect to the default headers such that it’s not possible to build most of the kernel modules.

This shows a impressive level of incompetence on RedHat’s part. THIS is the OS that costs $300 a year? While there are four or five free versions of linux, all of which are capable of compiling their kernal out of the box?

Part of what’s annoying me is the complete lack of anything like useful error messages. Example:

rpmbuild -v -v –rebuild kernel-2.4.spec
Installing kernel-2.4.spec
error: kernel-2.4.spec cannot be installed

Helpful, aren’t they? Set maximum verbosity and all they tell you is that it can’t be installed. Not, you know, WHY or anything..


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  1. jcurious Says:

    sorry, don’t know much about the redhat system… have you thought of switching to a debian based syetem? 😉

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