One of the things that I came to emotionally realize recently, is that while the average human lifespan may be 70 years, there is no individual promise, at all. I could be hit by a bus tomorrow. Any of us could be. One of the only sure things about life is that no one gets out alive.

That is to say: Treat the people you love well, and don’t let go of them for frivolous reasons. Be slow to anger, and terminate connections with people only for very extreme situations.

Or, as (ARGH! can’t remember his name.. lead singer of Eagles.. fucking head injuries are really frustrating, I advise against getting hit on the head) put it.. ‘You find someone to love in this world, you better hang on tooth and nail.. the wolf is always at the door’.

And he howls.

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  1. don_diego Says:

    Or, as Tom Cochrane put it:

    You never can tell what might come down
    You never can tell when you might check out
    You just don’t know, no, you never can tell
    So do unto others as you do to yourself in the Big League

    BTW, the lead singer of the Eagles is Don Henley.



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