Truly disturbing news story here. Particularly disturbing line:

Remember, Optimus Prime will always be there for you ... no matter the cost, because freedom is the right of all sentient beings. Autobots! Transform and roll out!

[thoughts directed in the general direction of the author:]

You know, I’m glad that freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

I hope you don’t keep dogs.

No, seriously, doesn’t that include the freedom to be alive? I’m guessing, since your son just changed his name to a transformer doll and is off to perform acts of random violence in iraq, you’re for the war. It’s just a guess. I might be wrong.

So Optimus is off to kill a lot of innocent people in order to protect us from weapons of mass destruction that Scott Ritter, a ex-marine and cheif U.N. weapons inspector, says those people don’t have.

Yah, this is really great. I mean, I think Optimus might be a bit dissillusioned when he realizes he’s been had. I know I would. You sign up to help protect the american way of life, and it turns out the way we do that these days is by killing innocent people over weapons that don’t exist.

I’m sorry, Optimus. We didn’t fight hard enough to keep King George’s hands off you.

Welcome back to the dark ages, folks. Only these are gonna be digital dark ages. Fight hard for peace.

Yah, that’s a phrase that really works.

This leaves us with the uncomfortable position of not being able to do anything violent. But we can’t give up, either..

I know there are many web communities discussing this right now..

Hope someone comes up with something good. 😉

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  1. jcurious Says:

    He works for a fire fighting/rescue unit… I seriously doubt he’s going for a kill

  2. sheer_panic Says:

    Point well taken.

    Obviously I should read these articles closer.. but there’s soo many..

    What’s up with

  3. jcurious Says:

    What do you mean? it was down for awhile do to a card failure at covad.. it should be fine now though..

  4. sheer_panic Says:

    Hmm. I was getting a dns timeout for it.. that must have been it.

  5. jcurious Says:

    once I have upgraded to sdsl I’ll start working on my survivability project 😉

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