Rank my life

So I got a email from someone with their life rankings, which were considerably higher than mine, and I’ve oscillated between several reactions.

The first is that I feel like they’re poking at me a bit, since they do not follow the same life path as I do at all.. ‘see, if you’d follow my path instead of your own, you’d have higher scores’.

Actually, emailing me and me alone with their scores rather than posting them in their journal seems to me to almost be a act of attempting to rub my face in the fact that their life is going better than mine. And yet, I would hate to be so petty.. I mean, I should be happy for my friend. They’re on a good spot, and that’s great, and I shouldn’t be at all annoyed that they’re emailing me about how good things are..

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  1. eaglesoars Says:

    Perhaps they are saying that life gets better as one gets older.

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