quasi-epiphany.. more lofty thoughts

I just had one of those epiphanies that would hav ebeen obvious to anyone but me.

The big difference between liberals and conservatives, at least right now, is which direction in time they are travelling. Liberals are travelling – or at least looking – towards the future, while conservatives are travelling – or at least looking – towards the past. It’s not ‘conservative’ in the sense of ‘conserve resources’. It’s conservative as in ‘change as little as possible’.

Which works just fine until you hit that oncoming train that you thought was the light at the end of the tunnel.

[Sheer tries to improve on his optimism some]

2 Responses to “quasi-epiphany.. more lofty thoughts”

  1. rarkrarkrark Says:

    That would be by definition, yes 🙂

    (Actually, if one’s primary sources were all contemporary, it would be well to forgive one for not seeing this. Both sides seem determined to make the other side into something they are not)

  2. goamaki Says:

    I believe that Conservatives just simply believe in values/ways of life that have worked for them for many years. I mean, you could say that about tribes in Africa, the elderly in Japan, or The Laplanders in Sweden, who live very rewarding loving lives. Just because someone looks to the past to guide them in living in the present, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Liberals can be just as hypocritical, just as closed minded, and just as stuck in the past as anyone. Basically, I think the only thing that separates the 2 parties, is when things get down to religion and personal beliefs. It’s really dangerous to clump everyone in a category anyway.
    Change can be both beneficial, AND detrimental. I think when people grow older, they might get more “conservative” because they’re looking for a simpler way of life. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Conservatives and Liverals both push their rhetoric on others sometimes.

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