Pure rubbish, and know nothing of you, yet

I so want to believe that I’m special, unique, worthwhile.

But sometimes it seems like I’m completely pointless, or even counterproductive..

I refuse to give up yet.

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  1. anghouedd Says:
  2. irisdragonfly Says:

    and why, pray tell, dear, do you feel that you are not special, unique or worthwhile?

  3. anghouedd Says:

    You are all three of those things and more.

  4. anonymous Says:

    That voice of self doubt arises when you believe you have exhausted your options and blame it on your shortcomings. Nonsense, you Will hit upon the solution, Sheer. The frustrations from lack of progress on your projects darkens your self perception. Except that temporary failure does not define how well you’ll do in the future. This project will end eventually. You think if you knew more you’d be done by now and have a shorter To Do list, a cleaner home, a happier, loving relationship. Welcome to an aspect of humanity we all suffer from, a desire to improve. Take it a step at a time. It helps.

    What makes you a worthwhile person, relates to the fears and hardships we all experience. You’ve had *that* life, with all its strange twists and disappointments, and yet you remain an innately beautiful person, a person of Quality. Zen style. You possess that unquantifiable trait of creativity that graces a few. You live a remarkable life because you Are amazing. From everything I’ve observed first hand, you’re as interesting and worthwhile as people get while remaining unspoiled. Your lack of self confidence stems from not comprehending how fascinating you are to the rest of us, how we admire you and cherish your presence in our lives. I would vouch for your life and who you are, but the truth speaks for itself in this case. Your existence is something to be thankful for.

  5. lucienne Says:

    Can I beat you up? 😛

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