Proud to live in Seattle and not Virginia.

Apparently VA just passed a law banning not only gay marriage, but also civil unions. I’m sure my mom is happy. I guess that’s the good thing about state/local government is that it can ajust to however backwards, bigoted, and otherwise moronic the constituants are.

Except that occasionally the federal government steps in (thank you, Rosa Parks!) and says, ‘oh no, you don’t.’

Except that occasionally they do the opposite.

My text is not likely to make a lot of sense today. I’ve got quite the sunburn from sitting out in the sun debating/wrangling/whatnot over who was to represent Kucinich to our state. I ran, but they (wisely, considering that I couldn’t even talk coherently when asked to state why I should be sent) chose to send older and wiser heads. Which was fine with me… I’d written in all older and wiser heads on my ballot myself [I didn’t vote for myself] except for my neighbor and alternate delegate.

Anyway, so, yes, I did the democratic caucus thing. It had some very uplifting moments – Congressman McDermott, who is _my hero_ (or at least one of them) spoke, the group at large loudly passed a motion to add to the democratic party platform in WA legalizing gay marriage, and not endorsing or agreeing with any federal amendment attempting to do otherwise.. and the Kucinich supporters were just as nifty as I thought they’d be. I passed around my email address to a few, maybe I’ll meet them at future progressive/uberliberal events.

It’s really encouraging to me how many people show up for these things. Seattle is a very politically charged.. and very progressive.. town. I don’t think I could ever live in NoVA again.. except I feel kind of like I’m one of the sheep, now. Just another progressive in the herd.

Anyway, it was a good time and I met many people, some of which I hope will become some real life friends which I am a little short on.

Speaking of real life friends, Tory is coming over tomorrow night again and I am looking forward to some kick ass beats. I went and talked to my neighbors last time after he left and one couldn’t even hear me, and the other could hear but didn’t mind a bit, so I shall be having no fear 😉

I am getting less afraid.

P.s. it’s after midnight. Happy birthday to me.


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    Be happy. 🙂 *hugs*

  3. ninabear Says:

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!


    My birthday is in 21 days!!! =) Go me.

  4. don_diego Says:

    Happy Birthday, Sheer. Congratulations on making it past Musicians’ Age of Doom.


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    eek! happy birthday! 🙂

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    Happy birthday – bro 😉

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