Procrastination, thy name is ..

So I see I have been selected for jury duty.. which is okay with me, civil duty and all, I’ve been registered to vote since I was 18, so it was bound to happen sooner or later, and if once every 9 years is the best they can do, I guess I can live with it..

but here’s the insulting part: they require me to provide a stamp to mail back the form – and I must mail it back, or I’m liable for a misdemeaner charge or something equally horrible. Says right here it’s a crime to intentionally fail to appear as directed – but doesn’t say anything about failing to mail the form back…

Still, they ought to have provided the postage.

And they want me to show up at 8 am. So if I sleep through it, I won’t feel too awful. I mean, really, what are they going to do to me? 😉 But I’ll write it on my calander..

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  2. sati Says:

    Apparently, IN has made it so that you are possibly up for jury duty if you get a driver’s license. Either that, or my mom inadvertantly registered to vote.

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