Possibly neat idea

I had a interesting idea while I was driving the other day that I thought I’d post for y’all’s amusement:  Computer aided sex.

Basically, the concept I was playing with is that sex is, among other things, the art of matching two dissimilar clocks. I’m thinking you could train a computer by having it look at a series of EEG, pulse, etc outputs during orgasm to recognize what EEG output looks like as humans approach orgasm. Then, by equipping said computer with biometric outputs from both participants, it could gauge where they are relative to each other. Then, by having the computer control the BPM of music and lighting and whatnot, it could suggest tempos that would be harmonics of both of the participant’s clocks, and try to nudge them to orgasming at the same time.

5 Responses to “Possibly neat idea”

  1. Cygnostik Says:

    Nice idea. Could be fun. I’ve always though it was a little more interesting and potentially helpful in extending the experience, to get in tune the natural way, one which includes improvement and depth of perception and non-verbal communication, a process and ability that seems to highten intimacy and closeness in and out of the sack. But then plenty of people lack empathy in general, especially with the people they tap out for this kind of activity.

  2. Sheer Says:

    I understand what you’re saying, but

    1) the technology I’m describing could be useful for first-timers
    2) it could also be used to help experienced partners improve their experience – probably in combination with all the natural ways

    I’m not even saying it’s a good idea.. it’s just *interesting*, and it’d be fun to play with.

  3. Cygnostik Says:

    Yah, I’m so there. Seems like the kind of thing that could go much further than any of that as well.

    (and don’t even get me started on other possibilities, like designing a better vibrator!)

  4. Louise Allan Says:

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  5. Shekhalam Says:

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